Red Nails Highland Park

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Please make an appointment buy calling us at 651-690-0227.



Facial Procedures (45-50 minute process: $70.00)
  •  Massaging rocks & warm water vapor.
  •  Cleanse skin
  •  Crystal massage(optional-within 3 days skin will peel).
  •  Apple mask( variety of masks : SISLY, LANCOME, CHANEL, KIEHLS, LA MER,
  •  Massage shoulders, hands,neck, and head.
  •  Apply toner to make the skin brighter.
  •  Massage with jojoba oil or anti wrinkle 55.(Variety of cream, Lotion SISLY, LANCOME, CHANEL, KIEHLS, LA MER,

Face massage procedure (20 minute process: $40.00)

  • Massaging rocks/warm water vapor.
  • Cleanse skin
  • jojoba oil massage
    (Please make appointment one day in advance)